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BIOSTIMUL PHARMA is committed to developing innovative pharmaceuticals for the treatment and prevention of diseases.It is our vision to improve the health of those afflicted.Our Mission is to partner with the healthcare community to apply new scientific information and clinical data to the development of products that improve patient carein a safe and ethical manner.Our business is development, manufacture and trade in nourishing supplements and drugs.We are a rapidly expanding research-based company that develops highly innovative phytomedicines (plant-based medicines) that target specific issues and body systems.We are committed to improving healthcare and healthy living through the science of  plant-based medicines.Research is the foundation of our business, and we are committed to developing unique, natural and highly effective formulations.BIOSTIMUL PHARMA is dedicated to scientific innovation, and  commitments to research.Our dedication to formulating and providing  is reflected ongoing commitment to research and development of the highest standard.


Our Focus Areas for Optimized Health


Patent claim BIODEX: calcium clusters (calcium peptide complexes) with modified calcium clusters (calcium peptide complexes)-  with enhanced biochemical and biological features, that are extracted by non-chemical, patented process is handled by microscopic particles and they are absorbed by the body  fast.



• Infertility problem pregnancy,ovulation problems,hormonal imbalances,menstrual cramps

Effective pharmaceutical formulation for oral administration of pharmaceutically acceptable compound for the treatment of reproductive problems.
District of technology
Abstract: The present invention relates to a new cluster agent for their preparation and their use as additives SPE or medicines to treat reproductive problems, alone or in combination with other treatments affect a woman's reproductive apparatus. Indications: Use for treatment and positive impact on health problems: problem pregnancy, ovulation problems, irregular menstruation, hormonal imbalance in the regulation of the synthesis of the hormone progesterone, while at the same time regulate and estrogena. Tool for the removal of reproductive problem.Balance hormonal system in a natural,safe and effective way,without side effects.

 •Psoriasis,anti-acne/This application relates to pharmaceutical compositions and methods to cleanse skin and facilitate the prevention, treatment, and management of skin conditions/.



Abstract: Methods and compositions for treating internal and external hemorrhoids

The present invention relates to compositions and methods for treatment of internal and/or external hemorrhoids, wherein the treatment includes topically administering to a subject a composition comprising from Rp- 1.0 Re,Zt-2.0,Ant-4.0,Sol-1,Zon-10,0 not only treats the hemorrhoidal symptoms but delays or inhibits the recurrence of hemorrhoid.This invention relates to an externally applied ointment that aids in relieving irritation, pain or mild inflammation of the skin or mucous membranes associated with hemorrhoids and the method of using such ointment lotion.

.Headaches and migraines
Abstract: Methods and compositions for treating headaches and migraines
The present invention relates to compositions and methods for treatment of headaches and migraines,wherein the treatment administering to a subject a composition comprising:
Key Actions-systematic headache, analgesic, reduces fever


Field of Invention

This invention relates to the treatment and relief of symptoms of osteoarthritis and / or rheumatoid arthritis using therapeutic compositions and methods derived from the extract and synergistic compositions polyphenolic compounds such bergamotin and others.



Ключови думи: osteoporosis,cardio,malaria,tuberculosis,infertility,ovulation,hormonal,psoriasis,acne,derma,artritis,hemorrohoids