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BIODEX - Dietary supplement 


 We present you the natural product BIODEX, which gives a great hope in the fight against osteoporosis and osteopenia. BIODEX contains substance which are extremely efficient - subject of longstanding research of BIOSTIMUL PHARMA It is about finding Mr. M. Mihaylov - biotechnology / research / who succeeded to isolate an unique substance with extraordinary impact. The important thing here is that the substance contained in the substance does not endanger the healthy cells. BIODEX is 100% non-toxic!  


 BIODEX is a natural product and it does not contain any artificial chemical compounds prepared. Some advantage is that many beneficial affect the body and when the diagnosis is not encouraging. In many organs in the body, which under the influence of external factors (stress, load in a long time, exhaustion) "awaken" their negative actions. Just those successfully liquidated by adopting proper BIODEX. BIODEX in an unusual way strengthens and restores bone density and thus helps the treatment of osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Purpose: "BIODEX" good starting point for strengthening the immune system andbody defenses. For prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.
Turns high-impact (both preventive and curative) on bone system and regulate bone metabolism.

It’s tested targeted prevention and treatment, which everyone can apply regardless of health status and age. With fully natural formula combines scientifically proven components, BIODEX increases and restores bone density. BIODEX was developed based on solid scientific data to optimize naturally and safe way, restoring calcium and other elements in the body and improves the overall health. 

BIODEX - method with subsequent therapy
 This method has been developed by BIOSTIMUL PHARMA LTD
• Statistical methodology of success - 94%
 Once diagnosed provides a new method of healing
 Treatment can be both separately and in combination with traditional methods oftherapy for osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Treatment - The basis of treatment the use of a complex-BIODEX-capsules: calcium ions, calcium clusters.

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