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The Secret of Longevity

The exceptional longevity of the people of Okinawa has baffled scientists for ages. Some have speculated that the secret of the islanders' long life must be in the water they drink. But what exactly is in the water of Okinawa that promotes health and long life?A group of pre-eminent nutrition scientists came together to tackle this puzzle of longevity that could of potential benefit to so many millions.After thousands of experiments, the team identified key substances linked to the long lifespan enjoyed by the Okinawans: organic calcium compounds, which developed naturally over the course of millennia.Initially, scientists replicated the process in a laboratory setting, creating in a few months the organic calcium compounds that takes nature thousands of years to produce.



Patent claim BIODEX: calcium clusters (calcium peptide complexes) with modified calcium clusters (calcium peptide complexes)-  with enhanced biochemical and biological features, that are extracted by non-chemical, patented process is handled by microscopic particles and they are absorbed by the body  fast. As a result, is obtained and a mixture of calcium clusters (calcium peptide complexes), including a group of 27microelements: mainly copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus, sulfur, zinc, silicon and others, which are essential to the biochemical processes in the body, high-speed impact (both preventive and curative) on bone, restore bone density and bone metabolism, regulated it to normal levels. BIODEX meets the most stringent regulations for purity of the products in terms of lead and heavy metals. Osteoporosis is most common metabolic bone diseases and one of the most common diseases by the human. It is characterized with low bone mass and abnormal bone microarchitecture, which leading to increased bone fragility and the consequent is that the fracture risk is increase.

WHO provided as osteoporosis to accept cases with bone densitybelow -2.5 standard deviations from normal values for young women.For the pastdecades the world has developed a real epidemic of osteoporosis and osteoporosis fractures, and their frequency increased more than 2 times. In 2000 the Osteoporosis was defined as the third socially significant diseases in the world - after cardiovascular diseases and cancer, and the forecast is that it will take second place till 2020.


The functional part of the bone is remodeling unit.It is this place from the bone surface, where osteoclasts and osteoblast realize there effects, i.e. produced and absorbed bone.The bone is constantly remodeling for optimum support and like that it recover the resulting loss of daily activity.The remodeling cycle, for convenience,can be divided into 4 phases:static,absorption,recovery,structure.

Description of the Invention

This invention relates, in particular, to food supplements.

There has developed a preparation based on calcium clusters,oligosaccharides,and 27mikroelements.The effect of the oligosaccharides it’s on all human body and it is controlled by biological activity,as it is to achieve a result and using the natural complex microelements.The effect is determined by the synergy of the components:precise dosage.

The proposed invention are available substances that have stronger effect than known until now for the protection and restoration of bone density and to achieve maximum results.


Author of the invention:M.Mihailov



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